Homeshare Nantucket
Homeshare Nantucket
Homeshare Nantucket

Homeshare Nantucket is a unique free service, inaugurated by the Nantucket Civic League and Nantucket Chamber and is available exclusively to benefit Nantucket homeowners and employers. The aim is to provide more stable, year-round housing to individuals who serve our community.


Homeshare Nantucket

aspires to Connect Unutilized Housing Inventory to Residents in Need.  

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Affordable housing is our number one community challenge.  The lack of secure year-round housing affects us all--year-round and seasonal residents, renters and aspiring homeowners, and town employers and local nonprofits who are short of workers to serve us all. 

Margaretta Andrew
Executive Director. Community Foundation for Nantucket

David Martin for Homeshare Nantucket

Homeshare Nantucket enables employers to help house our workers who serve us year-round.

David W. Martin
President / CEO, Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce

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The Town regularly faces a significant challenge in hiring and retaining our critical employees. It is the lack of stable, suitable housing employees can afford. This initiative aims to connect homeowners who have not considered renting out living space with employees like police officers, teachers, and others in need of adequate housing. It is a novel idea. Thanks to whomever can make it work, to help the Town address our community’s housing crisis.

Libby Gibson
Nantucket Town Manager

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We can make a difference, but we need your help.

Most Town employees settling on Nantucket must rent before they can afford to own a home of their own. We’re focused on this critical “make-or-break” stage—retaining employees as fellow residents and, eventually, homeowners.

Listen to their success stories, courtesy of Housing Nantucket: