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Are you a Nantucket property owner with unused living space--an apartment, cottage, or spare room? 


Want to know more about how to:

  • Supplement your income so you can stay put?

  • Accommodate a local employee who serves you--a nurse, firefighter, or police officer, for example?

  • Welcome a companion who’ll be with you, to run errands, help out around the house, or provide personal assistance?

  • Invite a caretaker to be there at your home?

If so, complete the form below.  Homeshare Nantucket will show you how to connect directly with one or several employers whose employees seek year-round housing.  You and an employer speak directly and confidentially about a potential tenant (but not with any prospective tenants).  The conversation is yours to continue, or to terminate at any stage.

Please note that Homeshare Nantucket only registers employers who have certified that their employees have passed a pre-employment drug screen, have had a criminal record check (CORI) performed and have presented three professional references when they applied for employment. Homeshare Nantucket does not screen prospective tenants nor does it inspect premises available for rent.

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