1.    What are the benefits of renting a room or apartment in my house, or a separate cottage/apartment on my property?

Beyond the obvious benefit (additional income), a suitable tenant may offer companionship, help with running errands, or letting the dog out if you’re off island. Our mission is to help you identify that special tenant who can meet your needs and can afford the rent. Examples might be: a local paramedic or police officer, to offer you a feeling of safety; a teacher, who may help inspire your school-age child; or a carpenter or landscaper, willing to do occasional work around the house while paying some rent.

2.    What are my obligations as a landlord--and what are my rights as a tenant?

You can find details here, click here

3.    How does Homeshare Nantucket work? I’d like to learn more but don't yet want to apply. 

To initiate an application, an interested homeowner completes a brief on-line description of the accommodations: room(s), kitchen access, privacy; general location on Island; approximate rent, and whether rent is negotiable in exchange for assistance of any kind.  Your name, address and contact information will not be disclosed at this initial stage.

An interested employer--for example, the Town of Nantucket, Nantucket Public Schools, or TSA airport security--has employees who seek year-round housing.  That employer has designated the employer intermediary who will have completed an on-line employer application. That application describes the employee(s) and their situations.  These are anonymous profiles, e.g., “Teacher seeks spare room in quiet home”; or “Two Town paramedics/firefighters seek shared living quarters.” 

Homeshare Nantucket, upon request, will notify any interested homeowner of all interested employer’s needs-- without disclosing either party’s identity.  Now, the anonymous interested homeowner can review suitable anonymous employee profiles.     

Next, if the interested homeowner wishes to learn more about one or another profiled employees, Homeshare Nantucket will offer to connect you with that employer’s designated intermediary.  For the Town, Cottage Hospital, or Public Schools, that person will likely be a designated contact in the Human Resource department who assists employees seeking housing.  

At this stage, you, the homeowner, may communicate with that employer’s intermediary to ask further questions, explore possibilities, and learn more about a particular potential tenant.  This can be done “on line” via email; or you can speak with the employer’s intermediary by phone.  It is intended to be a conversation that you may continue--if you wish--to explore a specific potential arrangement.  Homeshare Nantucket simply offers you, the interested homeowner, the opportunity to explore the prospect of a mutually compatible arrangement with an employee who serves us all.

4.    Are there any costs involved or requirements imposed on a landlord or a tenant?

No. Homeshare Nantucket is a unique free service, inaugurated by the Nantucket Civic League in conjunction with Nantucket Chamber, and with financial support from the Community Foundation for Nantucket and Nantucket Cottage Hospital. It was developed to benefit homeowners, employers and their employees who are seeking suitable housing. Homeshare Nantucket only requires that website users, i.e. homeowners, employers and employees agree to Homeshare Nantucket’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy when they log on.

Homeshare Nantucket also urges website users to provide feedback on their experiences in order that we may document the success of the program in expanding year round housing opportunities for employees who serve us all.