Homeshare Nantucket

Homeshare Nantucket aspires to connect homeowners who have extra living space they’d consider renting out with employers whose year-round employees need housing.  Extra living space might be just an unoccupied room; or it might be an unoccupied apartment, cottage, or house.  

Homeshare Nantucket is a unique free service, inaugurated by the Nantucket Civic League and the Nantucket Chamber and is available exclusively to benefit homeowners and employers.

Founding History:

The Nantucket Civic League, which established this website, was founded in 1903 and represents 25 neighborhood associations with about 2,000 members.  Our purpose is to advance continuous improvement in the quality of life on Nantucket by identifying important and emerging issues, informing the community about them, and helping to build consensus on solutions.

With financial assistance from the Community Health Initiative, Nantucket Civil League was able to launch the site. The Nantucket Chamber took over in 2019 to provide a tool to all Nantucket employees.

Homeshare Nantucket neither inspects premises for rent nor screens prospective tenants. 


Why Homeshare

Charles Stott, Co-President, Nantucket Civic League

 "The Civic League’s emphasis on workforce housing focuses on our fellow year-round Nantucketers who serve us throughout the year. Our goal is to locate affordable housing opportunities for employers to house their year-round staff. Homeshare Nantucket is a unique free service, inaugurated by the Nantucket Civic League to benefit homeowners and employers.”  

Charles Stott, Co-President, Nantucket Civic League


“What’s unique about Homeshare Nantucket is how it leverages the strengths of Nantucket's traditions. We are a welcoming community.  This pilot effort invites interested homeowners to continue that tradition in ways that suit their own circumstances and needs.  It might be a private room available in a home, an unoccupied apartment or cottage, or a house for a family with children. I’m excited about the prospects for this new approach to securing affordable year-round housing opportunities for fellow Island residents.” 

Peter A. Morrison, Co-President, Nantucket Civic League